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Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association Chairman Nejdat Sin, fresh fruits and quality vegetables, safe and rich assortment with Turkey’s rise in the global markets that continued in 2021 stating, providing 23 percent increase compared to the same period last year, in February 250 million announced that they made exports to dollars.

President Nejdat Sin, “Fresh fruit and vegetables sector as a leader in Turkey, coordination and carrying out the secretarial services Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters our Union, has scored 43 percent of the $ 107 million value by February sector’s exports,” he said.

Noting that the Turkish fresh fruit and vegetable sector, which left 2020 behind with an increase of 21 percent and an export performance of 2.73 billion dollars, continued to add new success stories in 2021, Mayor Sin said, “We added value to 402 thousand 390 tons of products in export markets in February. This month, tomatoes, mandarin, lemon, pomegranate, pepper and apple accounted for 74 percent of our sector exports. Tomato ranked first with an increase of 23 percent and a value of 41.6 million dollars in the products we export the most, mandarin ranked second with an increase of 14 percent and a value of 39.4 million dollars, and lemon ranked third with an increase of 7 percent and a value of 31.5 million dollars. he spoke.

Emphasizing that Turkish fresh fruit and vegetable exporters turned the process in which the Covid-19 outbreak was effective, President Nejdat Sin said:

“Our exporters succeeded in increasing fresh fruit and vegetable exports despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic in February, when the cases of mutated viruses increased by meeting the intense demands from the Commonwealth of Independent States and the European market. Russia was the country to which we exported the most fresh fruits and vegetables in February, with an increase of 26 percent and a value of 79.3 million dollars. Iraq, where we achieved an increase of 63 percent, ranked second with a value of 24.9 million dollars, and Romania, where we achieved an increase of 10 percent, ranked third with a value of 20.5 million dollars. We achieved increases of up to 357 percent in the markets of Syria, Libya, Austria and India. “

President Nejdat Sin said that citrus fruits, which constitute the most important product group of fresh fruit and vegetable exports, increased by 12 percent this season and reached a value of 812.7 million dollars. Stating that they evaluated 1 million 552 thousand tons of products in the world markets until the end of February 2021 in the citrus season that started on September 3, 2020, Mayor Sin said, “The citrus variety we export the most was mandarin with 423 million dollars. This was followed by lemon with a value of 241.1 million dollars, orange with a value of 85.9 million dollars, and grapefruit with a value of 62.5 million dollars ”.

Citrus exports in Turkey’s main market, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East and European countries to create an expression that President Sin, “is about 6 months ongoing maximum export citrus season we held 380.2 million dollars worth with Russia. Iraq ranked second with a value of 102.4 million dollars and Ukraine ranked third with a value of 83.4 million dollars. “We achieved remarkable increases in citrus exports in the markets of Syria, Canada, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates.”

Referring to the performance of the Turkish fresh fruit and vegetable sector in the first two months of 2021, Mayor Sin stated that they exported a total of 877 thousand 103 tons of products in January-February, and they reached an export volume of 528.3 million dollars by increasing 15.2 percent. Mayor Sin stated that in the said period, Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association achieved an export volume of 231.4 million dollars. Underlining the need to produce in accordance with international standards, Mayor Sin said, “Our goal is to produce products that are in line with international standards and consumer preferences, and that are worthy of human and environmental health. In this regard, we especially expect the necessary attention from our producers ”.

Stating that there are only a few days left for the hard core season to begin, President Sin asked all producers to show the necessary sensitivity regarding the use of licensed medicines in accordance with MRL values. President Sin said, “The manufacturer is one of the most important parts of our industry. “We will continue to work shoulder to shoulder in order to increase the positive and high contribution of this producer-exporter partnership to the country’s economy.”

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