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I was caught with 0.1 grams of cannabis on 09.2017 and they signed a ton of paper, but still neither court paper came to my house nor anything else, what is my fate?

Hello, TCK m. In 191, it was stated that the person who purchases, accepts or possesses drugs or stimulants for use or uses drugs or stimulants will be punished with imprisonment from two to five years. In the investigation initiated for this crime, no direct public action is filed against the suspect, it is decided to postpone the filing of a public lawsuit for a period of five years. If the suspect behaves in accordance with the obligations imposed on him or the treatment, does not use drugs again, does not buy or possess drugs during the postponement period, it is decided that there is no need for prosecution.

hello lawyer. I was the first time 4 years ago, my friend’s friend gave him 1 ectasia. We broke and drank 1 pill together. I drank half of it, he drank half of it, I never used it again. It has been 4 years now, if I have a complaint, I will be punished, I wonder if the blood will appear in the hair. Please help me. My time, I have never had a clean incident.

Hello my dear lawyer. I got probation instead of punishment from tck.191.2 for possession of drugs, then my case was dropped from tck.191.5 and my case was closed and my sentence was executed. I wanted to be a security guard gbt: no kom: no uyap: there is out, it seems that I have uyap ta record, what should I do because of the legal pain, thanks in advance.

If the case is dropped, not preventing you from being a security guard .. Likewise, I was punished like you, the public case was dropped. I’m wondering whether we can be the civil servant gbt or not, not in the job, not in the forensic record. I objected to the Sadexe Supreme Court, the notification and the verdict appear in the Supreme Court.

Hello, 4 months ago, I was caught in my home with 52 coke cannabis 200g of marijuana and a cultivation system, I said that I raised myself for smoking, I did not arrest me in February 2018 I have a court.

More precisely, when I was going to buy it, the police raided, neither did I give money nor did I buy my marijuana, but the police took me to the police station during the raid, forensic medicine, blood test was taken from there to the hospital, my photo was taken at the hospital, my fingerprints were taken, I went to the courthouse today, they said that it was at the decision stage.

Hello, thanks now, my wife’s two friends were caught with 18gr banzai and accepted the crime. One of them did not accept in his statement because he assured that he did not know my wife and the other gave the name of my wife. In the prison, the prosecutor did not open the file yet, we are waiting for the court.

My dear teacher, they gave control freedom from smoking marijuana in 2009, I obeyed all of them, that was the process. Last month, I took a drug and was caught. Later, the police station Vs, I told the person I bought, I said regret, and they identified the seller immediately.

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