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At the northern end of the main courtyard: There is the Palatine chapel assigned to Saint Adamak, patron of the principality.

When his brother George III of England, the Duke of York, fell ill on a ship near Monaco, he was taken here and died in this room in 1787, after which the room was named after him. Room decorations were made by Genoese artist Gregorio de Ferrari as frescoes representing the four seasons.

It is prepared for signing official documents. The furniture in the room is from the 17th century and is made of ornate ebony wood. Also: there is a clock and a royal portrait in the room.

Then the “Yellow room” section is passed. Here: Louise XV has her bedroom. In the room is a portrait of Princess Louise Hippolly, made by the painter Jean Baptiste Van Loo.

its walls are covered with blue silk brocade and are used by the Protocol Office to greet guests before official receptions. Inside are Grimaldi portraits and 19th century Italian gilded and dazzling chandeliers.

Yes, then you come to the magnificent throne room. Oath ceremonies and some receptions of high-ranking state officials are held here. The room’s magnificent ceiling and wall frescoes are visible. Royal throne: imperial style with a red silk velvet canopy on top. The floor of the room: It is made of Carrera marble.

Today, the palace is used as a residence by Prince Rainer’s son and successor, Prince Albert II, as I just said. In the summer: the rooms where the state offices are located are open to the public. Since 1960, concerts have been given by the “Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra” in the courtyard of the palace.

If you want to visit this magnificent palace, you have to pay a fee of 7 Euros for adults and 3.5 Euros for children.

It is said that there are around 1000 objects in the museum, which is located in some of the rooms in the palace structure, and these are Roman clothes collected in the period of Napoleon I and Saint Helena religious gifts. Also: here again: “Monaco coin collection” compiled by the king of France Louis XII, stamp collection, “Monaco Independence Charter” with a letter written by King Louise XIV.

Here: A special collection of antique cars collected by Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, is on display. In this exhibition: 4000 m. In the square area, around 100 vehicles are on display, including: military vehicles, phaetons, popular, experienced, vintage, sports cars, classic and prestige cars.

The structure: it was first built in 1252 and was consecrated in 1875. St. It is dedicated to Nicholas. Right next to the white episcopal throne, the large altar made of Carrara marble attracts attention.

Here: “Grace Kelly” and “Prince III. Rainer has graves. Cathedral structure: It was built in 1875 instead of a Romanesque-Byzantine church structure from the 13th century.

Inside the cathedral: St. There are two chapels named Roman and Sacrament. The Sacrament chapel is the burial chapel of the bishops and archbishops of Monaco.

Museum: Although it was founded by Prince Albert I, it is better known and known as the “Captan Cousteau” Museum.

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