Online game Review of the 7 days: 10,001 Night time

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The “Dealer” always turns left on the table before the cards are dealt. So it changes. Two players to the left of the player in the dealer position must put money in the middle. This is called “Blind bet”. The blind is played by two players in total, the small blind and the big big blind. Blind bets are mandatory. The “big blind” is twice the “small blind”. The blind players are already in the game. Other players have to “See” the big blind in order to enter the game. If they want, by not staying with “Seeing”; They can also go to increase. If one or more players increase the stakes in the first round of betting; other players also have to “See” the increase to stay in the game. The player who does not see the increase by saying “Fold” will be out of the game. Since Hold ’em is a no-limit game, there is no increase limitation. Each player can increase their bets in any round (provided that the minimum amount is the big bet) in each round in which it is their turn to speak.

The game always proceeds in a clockwise direction. The last word in the first round (Pre-Flop) is the person who made the big blind. He can raise the bet or say “check”.

Before each paper is rolled out on the ground, one sheet of paper at the top of the stack is “burned”. The purpose of this is to prevent the players from recognizing the paper and acting accordingly.

If he doesn’t have enough chips, he calls all-in and bets all his chips in this way. Having seen some of the increased amount, this player can earn from each person at the table as much as he has put, but cannot get more. For example; 3 people put $ 10 on the table, but the player could see $ 5 of it, in which case the hand of the player who put $ 5 could best get $ 20, including his own money. The remaining $ 15 goes to the best hand among those who put $ 10 in the middle.

When all players bet the same money; the round ends and the next round proceeds. However, when it is time for the player who made the big blind, if the bets are tied; this player has the right to raise one more time (this right only applies in the first round / Pre-Flop).

After the end of the first round, the dealer buries a card from the deck (cuts it face down) and deals 3 cards on the table. This is called the “Flop”. Bets start from the player to the left of the player in the dealer position.

The minimum bet is the big blind. In the next round, one card is buried again and one card is dealt. This 4th round is called the “turn”.

The goal of the player is the double card dealt face down at the beginning of the game, with five cards placed face up on the table (First three cards are revealed to the table and the players review the position of their hands and talk again. When the fifth and last card is brought to the table, the players finally review the position of their hands and talk again.) By blending (taking three of the cards that make it the strongest hand or leaving one of the cards on the table; taking the four cards from the table.); to create the best hand (combination of five: 2 + 3 or 1 + 4, or just 5 cards that face down on the floor).

When the talking, ie betting rounds are over; all remaining players in the game open their hands. The player who manages to create the strongest combination of five wins all the chips / coins placed on the table.

If, at the end of the game, two or more players have achieved the best combination of five, that is, their hands are equal; the money in the middle is shared equally among the players that make up the best hand.

If at the end of the game, the best hand is five cards dealt on the floor; The money in the middle is shared equally among the remaining players, not saying “Fold”.

If all other players quit the game by saying “Fold” in the first or any round of speaking; The last remaining player wins.

If, after the first round of speaking, none of the players increased by saying “Raise”; The player who placed the big blind can say “Bob” / “Check” without placing any chips / money.

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