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Brother, our situation is a little different from what has been written. Brother, we have a workplace. A place with a very good return. These were the courthouses anyway. They filed 27 false lawsuits against us. Of the 20, there were carats that said there was no room for prosecution. When the person who would become my father’s partner and relative could not take the share from my father by force, he set up a conspiracy like a movie. Let me try to explain briefly. Biizm brought home a Ramadan parcel on May 8, 1 woman and 1 man. My mother took it in pure business. The woman said that she came from the municipality and that they will conduct a survey or something. While they were talking, the man said, “ Can I use the sink? ” He quickly left 72 pills, 6 shots of heroin in the sink near the water. Anyway the man is out of the toilet. These are gone. It was said that a call will be made on May 9. The cops found the items. In his first statement, my father said that he was not himself, probably because he was hostile with his partner, he did not know how it was, they were relatives and relatives constantly came to their homes. We later reported that they entered the house on the pretext of Ramadan parcel and delivered the parcel to the police. My father’s fingerprint did not come out from the drugs. To this day, he never knows about boule things anyway. It has been closed for 5 months in vain. There is a court on September 26, we delivered the parcel to the state. We told the camera locations that could see the man and the woman. Everybody wrote, I said let me write too. Do you think my father is acquitted?

Hello, I was a comment before, thank you, you answered the question I asked above. I gave a statement and said I did not run away, I said the real dealer ran away and the witness came and the judge showed the person who ran away from the room because the witness took the picture of the defendant with the person who ran away. okay, i’m very curious

One month ago, when a friend left my brother’s house, the police officers got 0.7 grams of skunk out of the alien, noble that my brother did not give him a free treat, he said that he did not give it to my brother, he just came to his house and my brother was a drinker, noble in the person he bought himself

Hello, according to the testimony of your brother’s friend, your brother is on trial for drug procurement. We cannot comment without seeing the scope of the file regarding whether he will be punished, if he will, what he will receive, but the defense your brother will make is important, because there is a serious difference between the procurement and use crimes in terms of imprisonment. We strongly recommend that you hire a lawyer. For your information…

Hello, my father is in the car 1.

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